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Rowland Formulas Formula FLW

Rowland Formulas Formula FLW

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Rowland Formulas - Formula FLW - 300 300tab Tablets - NPN: 01963872 -- Until an artery is about 70% blocked there are usually no symptoms. Unfortunately for same, the first symptom is death. It is not unusual to hear of someone who has suffered a heeart attack within hours or days of having been given a clean bill of health.Fortunately, there are a number of sub-clinical symptoms that can warn of deteriorating circulation. Do they experience any of the following symptoms?- Fingers and/or toes often cold?- Arms and/or legs often 'go to sleep'?- Numbness or heaviness in arms or legs?- Cramps in hand when writing?- Sharp, Diagonal crease in earlobe?- Tingling sensations in lips or fingers?- Short walk causes cramping or pains in the legs?- Memory not as good as it used to be?- Ankles swell late in the day?- Breathlessness on slight exertion or on lying down?- Whitish ring under outer part of cornea in the eyes?- High blood pressure?- Chest pain after physical exercise or emotional stress?Some of the above signs may have other possible causes as well; however, the more of them that apply to you, the more likely it is that your circulation is deteriorating - and requires immediate attention.

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