Tracy Gonzalez

Tracy Gonzalez

Tracy Gonzalez

In the Natural Health Industry since 2010

Professional Qualification: BA in Sociology; Natural Health Fundamentals (Alive Academy)

Energy Work:Owner of Serendipity Reiki: Reiki Master Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner

Current Position: Wellness Provider

Tracy Gonzalez was born in Ontario and raised in Newfoundland. She began calling Grande Prairie, Alberta her home in 1998. She is the proud mother of two kids. Their family also includes a dog (Tessa, a Collie-Husky cross) and three cats (Pixel, a Maine Coon; Gidget and Katniss) who keep them on their toes. Tracy is the owner of Serendipity Reiki where she is a Reiki Master Teacher and Access Bars Practitioner. She loves teaching Mikao Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2, and 3 and offering reiki sessions. She is also a skilled empath who helps souls cross over to Source and helps clients sever connections with past lives. As an Access Bars Practitioner, Tracy helps clients clear thought patterns that hold them back in life: when thought patterns shift, those aspects of life shift too. Thoughtful both inside and outside of The Health Hut, Tracy has a gentle and joyful approach with customers and clients.

Tell us about your pets.

My pets have huge personalities. I teach my kids to recognize that our pets have souls and personalities like us. Animals are spiritual beings, probably more so than we ever will be. I love watching the kids interact with them and develop more respect for them.

With three cats and a dog, it's chaos sometimes. I tell them to work it out and they learn to get along just like everyone else. One time, Tessa got the scent of a strange cat on her and then came into the house. Our three cats instantly blacklisted Tessa, and then they all started fighting each other. So I told them, I'm not down with this! This chaos needs to be done! When I get home from work, I want it worked out! And it was. I got home from work, and everything was back to normal. A friend laughs that I talk to them, but why wouldn't I? If I do not, then how are they ever going to know what I want? And what I'm expecting of them?

What inspires you?

Listening to intuition has changed the dynamic between my kids and me, and that inspires me. I have a daughter who has a powerful intuition. She knows something is going to happen before it happens. To watch her grow and connect with herself is inspirational. If more people connected to themselves, they would learn a lot from that intuitive part of themselves. It's inspiring to watch how my son supports his sister in letting her intuition guide her.

I love watching the dynamic of support between all three of us, of how we live, how we think, and how we have come to a place of more calm in the house.

How does the music of your soul sound? How does it feel?

It depends on my day. It depends on what I need to release. I find lots of times, my choice of music for the day is a reflection of what the music of my soul is for the day. Sometimes it is fast and upbeat, so I know I need to move and shake it off. Other times it is quiet, where I sit and if I need to let the tears flow, then I do. It is what it is.

If you had one question for God, what would it be?

I do talk to him on occasion, but lately, I have been working on not asking questions and instead letting go. It's about knowing that point when we need to let go of control and let Him do it. So now I say, I let go and I let God. Sometimes I struggle with being an empath and with sorting the emotions I get hit with from other people; I try to sort out what is my energy and what is someone else's energy. In those moments I know I need to let go and let God because trying to control outcomes causes me more stress and He will probably sort it out better than me in the end. People talk about needing to have control, but we have control over that, we have control over whether or not we choose to let go, to surrender.

What is a self-care practice you are doing or would like to start doing?

I meditate. It feeds me and fuels me every day. It helps me to process; it helps me learn about other people and understand why it is they react a certain way or why they do the things they do. It helps me understand the world a bit better. Sitting in meditation also helps me release the need to ask why? I'm a curious person, so that is huge for me.

What is a rewarding aspect of your work as a Reiki Master Teacher?

Watching my students blossom and grow is amazing. I have come across absolutely beautiful souls who are stepping into the essence of who they are, and it's beautiful to watch that. To see them realize their confidence in energy work and know they can do reiki and see results from it is rewarding. Even in the midst of their own struggle, they are still learning and stepping into their power, and that is just amazing to watch.

What led you to work at The Health Hut?

Initially, it was because I had some health concerns, so I started a quest to find out what I could do about that. That led me to start working at The Health Hut.

Describe a memorable conversation with a customer.

I have had a customer come in to hug me and tell me that they loved me. She has passed away since then, but I still see her husband quite often in the store. That is the ultimate thing that someone can say to me because they have let me into their life in a way where they have this emotion for me, where I really did nothing to spur that on. I was simply myself.

What do you find most enjoyable about working at The Health Hut?

It's getting to be in people's lives, watching them on their health journeys and letting them know that I'm on the journey with them. As well, watching customers learn helps me learn, and watching them not learn or refuse to learn also helps me learn. I like coming to know how people have changed within themselves because of their health journeys.

How has your understanding of health or dis-ease changed throughout your career?

Many of the physical symptoms that people experience are really emotions they have been hanging on to, that are like stuck energy in the body. Stuck energy creates illness. When I started at The Health Hut, if I would have told a customer that the physical pain they feel is actually emotion based, they would never have believed me. Now, some customers are noticing, and they want to deal with the physical symptoms through supplements while they work on the emotional at home.

A reason people have stress is because of the emotions they are not feeling. When people say I just need to relax more or I need not to get upset about stuff, they are connecting to the fact that their problem is emotion based. Pain is emotion at its core. Until people work on that emotional component, they may always have that illness or pain. Sometimes just being aware that there is an emotional component goes a long way to healing the physical. However, there is no way to let the pain go until you realize the emotion behind it because you are not healing the cause of the pain.

More customers are catching on to this now, and it's great to see.