Seanna Quinn

Seanna Quinn

Seanna Quinn

In the Natural Health Industry since 2014

Professional Qualification:Owner and certified yoga instructor at Twisted Tree Yoga

Current Position: Wellness Provider

Seanna Quinn was born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta. A wild, friendly and bubbly flower child, she has been surrounded by natural health all of her life. Seanna is especially curious about brain health and cognitive function. She is the proud owner of Twisted Tree Yoga and loves to teach about the whole-body benefits of living in the present moment. When she is not in the store or on her mat, Seanna is traveling the world. She has visited 13 countries so far and has a goal of traveling to 25 countries by age 25. Two of her travel highlights have included visiting Costa Rica, where she experienced her first solo backpacking and volunteer adventure, and India, where she received her yoga teacher training. Seanna is dedicated to living a joyful life and loves sharing her light with The Health Hut customers and staff.

What inspires you? Why?

I'm inspired by travel.

I really can't pick one reason because everything about travel ignites a flame in my heart. I love the different cultures, the kindnesses I've received from the many people I've met, the beauty of the different environments and natural landscapes, and the architecture. And the growth I obtain when experiencing all of it!

What is one item on your bucket list?

A goal on my bucket list is to eventually open a wellness and retreat centre in Grande Prairie and perhaps somewhere else in the world!

Who is a valued teacher in your life?

My mom is by far my most valued teacher and my best friend.

What is a self-care practice you're doing or would like to start doing?

My self-care practice almost always revolves around yoga and dance. Before I found yoga, I was a dancer. I was a student for 12 years and an instructor for 2 years. My most favourite kind of dance is belly-dancing, which has now evolved into fire dancing (belly dancing with fire torches and other fire toys). I like to create new yoga and dance movements. I also like to learn new things about them as often as I can.

Tell us something new that you're learning about right now.

I'm learning about the art of Reiki healing, with hopes of later combining Reiki and yoga. Also, I aspire to learn more about the brain and how to develop a healthier cognitive function for happiness. Learning about the brain fascinates me.

What do you find enjoyable about working at The Health Hut?

The staff at The Health Hut is my favourite. I've gotten to work with some pretty great teams in my life, but this one is by far the best. I love how supportive and friendly they are. It's not easy being young in this industry because some people believe that knowledge only comes with age. At the Health Hut, the atmosphere is so accepting, and the manager is youthful, intelligent and one of the kindest women I have met. I appreciate that her staff shares those incredible attributes.

What area of holistic health do you find the most interesting? Why?

I find that brain health intriguing because research about it is constantly changing. There are always new discoveries about how to heal our brain and research keeps uncovering natural supplements to strengthen it.

Describe a memorable conversation with a customer.

I think almost all of us in this industry have experienced a conversation or two where we are deeply thanked for our services and for the help and healing our support has provided. It's one of the joys of working in such a magical industry. Receiving thanks inspires me to do a better job each time. I also really like customers who teach me something new. I would not have tried magnesium threonate or float therapy if it was not for a customer's highly informed suggestion.

What led you to this work at The Health Hut?

After four years working at Homesteader Health, Christie head-hunted me… Just kidding, I loved the staff and had to be a part of the team.

Holistic health is described as the health of the whole body, the Mind-Body-Emotion-Spirit connection. How does holistic health show up in your life outside of work?

Holistic health is everywhere in my life. Every day is an opportunity to practice connecting to mind, body, and spirit. I teach yoga at my studio, Twisted Tree Yoga. My favourite form of practice is Ashtanga because of its connection to breath. When I practice, I'm focusing on breathing, so it's hard to be anything less than present. It's also a very challenging form of yoga that tests strength through crazy arm stands, headstands, and other intricate poses. My favourite form of yoga to teach is Hatha because I love watching how peaceful and relaxed everyone becomes. I like seeing the shift from a busy mind to full presence.

In my yoga classes, I teach that presence is the biggest key to our best life. When we are present, the only thing that exists is the moment we are in, not our worries of tomorrow and not the moments that stressed us out today. We are simply living, being, and playing in a positive mind that focuses strongly on right now.

When we allow ourselves to live outside of our minds, to live in what our eyes perceive, and to walk, play, and dance in our bodies, that is what ignites our spirit to connect to our human bodies. To me, that is the truest definition of holistic health: whole-body living.