Mandy Ruhr

Amanda “Mandy” Ruhr

Amanda “Mandy” Ruhr

In the Natural Health Industry since 2009

Professional Qualification: Natural Health Fundamentals (Alive Academy); DONA International trained doula

Current Position: Wellness Provider

Amanda “Mandy” Ruhr was born and raised in Manitoba. She moved to Grande Prairie, Alberta from British Columbia with her husband Kevin and their son August. Mandy is a nurturing soul who cares deeply for people, animals, and the planet. Her acts of service range from studying human environmental interactions at the University of Winnipeg, to tree planting in three provinces, to becoming a DONA International trained doula. She is a student of life who experiences the world through travel, family, music, and quality time in nature. Mandy believes in the healthy balance of an all-encompassing and integrated medicine practice. She generously shares information with customers that she learned from research and from living life. Mandy's passion for health and her genuine caring nature create beautiful healing energy at The Health Hut.

What is your current favourite quote, mantra or affirmation? Why?

Live Simply: because it is really that simple.

What's one item on your bucket list?

I'd like to live in a forest with my own river that flows into a nearby lake. I'd like to garden in my pjs if I so desire, without making eye contact with a neighbor.

Tell us about your pets.

We have two dogs. Max is a terrier cross and Nico is an Australian shepherd and border collie mix. We also have Draco, our bearded dragon, many fish and a house full of plants.

What's a self-care practice you're doing or would like to start doing?

I do yoga and I meditate. I go for dog walks along forest trails. I listen to music and dance.
I also do continuous therapeutic care including physiotherapy, massage, and corrective movement.

What are you grateful for in your life?

I'm grateful for the health of my beloved family and friends both near and far. I'm grateful for integrative medicine, both holistic and modern, for always improving my quality of life. I'm grateful that I'm Canadian, for community, and that I love and am loved.

What led you to this work at The Health Hut?

It was mostly happenstance. It suits my lifestyle and tendency toward empathy for others. What has kept me here this long has been the family run business, my loving colleagues, and the continuing education.

As a Supplement Advisor, what area of natural health do you enjoy discussing with customers?

Chronic pain, joint repair, pre and post natal care, children's health, and animal care.

What do you find most enjoyable about working at The Health Hut?

I feel supported by the team. They inspire me. We hug, we laugh. At The Health Hut, I am appreciated and have the freedom to be myself. I feel like a member of a community and I have a better sense of connection and purpose.

I genuinely care about our customers. Sharing an emotional raw moment with a complete stranger, being hugged, and hearing thank you feels like I really am helping someone better their life.

What health breakthrough have you experienced that has influenced your life?

I had spondylolisthesis (displaced and broken vertebrae). I endured a long-winded misdiagnosis, chronic pain, nerve damage, and finally proper treatment. This included a slow recovery after spinal fusion surgery. I believe holistic health, and the Health Hut's resources and products have helped me avoid taking daily pharmaceuticals (although there was a time and place for them) throughout this entire time.

I have a deep level of gratitude for the opportunity to utilize The Health Hut's resources and products outside of work, for myself and my families, on a daily basis.

I know I am better at my job because of my own personal suffering and experiences.

How has your understanding of health or dis-ease changed throughout your career?

I now realize that there isn’t just one way to be healthy. It is not just about supplementation, not just nutrition, not just exercise or mindfulness or immersing myself in nature. My personal experiences with chronic pain and loss have helped me understand the need for balance with mind-body-spirit.

As a caregiver, I have learned by necessity that holistic health means loving one's self first in order to be dis-ease free.