Can You Prevent Strep Throat?

Can You Prevent Strep Throat?

Did you know that viruses cause most sore throats? Except for “strep throat,” Strep throat is an infection in the throat and tonsils caused by a bacteria called A Streptococcus.   Strep throat is more common among children, parents and school teachers around younger children. But anyone at any age can get strep throat if they come in contact with someone with the infection.    There has been a surge of strep throat cases, most likely attributed to the lockdown and the lack of immunity built up by young children against the virus.

Strep throat bacteria spread quickly from person to person by breathing in tiny droplets from a sick person’s cough or sneeze if you get any droplets on your hands and touch your mouth or nose or use the same glass or utensils from an infected person. 

Your throat may get sore and scratchy and cause pain when swallowing. Strep throat also has a telling sign of white pus at the back of the throat & red patches or streaks in the throat, your tonsils or the roof of your mouth. You may have swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills or mild headache. If you have a cough, runny nose or hoarseness, you most likely don’t have strep. The only way to diagnose strep is through a throat swap by your family doctor. More likely than not, if our healthcare provider suspects strep, they will start you on antibiotics.

Strep throat typically goes away within 3-7 days with or without antibiotics; however, monitoring the virus in young children is imperative to prevent a more serious ailment from developing (Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever, Sinus, Ear Infection, etc.).

Are antibiotics the only option?

Preventing Strep throat is the first line of defence and ensuring that children receive the best treatment for their age is imperative. Adults have a few more options to manage their symptoms, reduce infection rate and naturally rid the virus from the body.  

If your child has contracted the virus or you feel at risk, step up your game with immune-enhancing supplements. They will not guarantee that you will not contract the strep virus, but immune supplements give your over-compromised systems a better chance of not contracting the strep virus or reducing the severity if you do.    Consider immune supplements that are formulated with a few different ingredients. Such as St Francis Deep Immune or Living Alchemy Defense.

Elderberry supplements support immune health, and while they are traditionally used to address the cold or flu, emerging studies show elderberry may minimize the growth of bacteria that can cause strep. Elderberry supplements can be found in capsules, syrup/liquid, and cough-drop form. 

Bee Propolis deserves accolades for its antimicrobial and fungal-fighting properties.   Bee propolis is made by the working bee. It is the glue that holds their hive together but also functions to keep pathogens out of the hive. Human consumption of Bee Propolis works much the same way

Because a bacteria cause strep throat, gargling with apple cider vinegar may be beneficial. Apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial properties and may inhibit the growth of numerous bacteria strains, including the ones associated with strep throat. The general consensus is to take one teaspoon in a small amount of water and gargle (do not swallow) up to three times a day

Marshmallow root, nothing like the gummy candied marshmallows, may be an excellent choice for helping to alleviate the symptoms of strep throat because it contains a mucus-like substance that coats and soothes the throat.

Oregano oil is one of the favourite go-to products for bacterial and fungal infections, and some studies support its use in reducing Streptococcus. Some studies promote the use of oregano oil as an alternative to antibiotics. We do not suggest this as an option for young children with strep, but it may be an option for adults.

St Francis Herb Farm Fungafect combines oregano with other fungal and bacterial-fighting herbs for an all-in-one option. Their Stop it cold” spray is another excellent option for strep throat that combines bee propolis, marshmallow and echinacea for sore throat relief and immune-enhancing benefits

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